Milestone: Launch of the inPROBE production line

The inaugural launch of the inPROBE production line is already behind us! SDS Optic S.A. will celebrate the first anniversary of their premiere on NewConnect. Right before this event we will be pleased to announce the next milestone on the way to implementing a pilot production of optoelectronic components for the optical biosensors used in inPROBE® microprobes.

Our Company has received, installed, set up and inspected the efficiency of the devices and machines for the pilot production line, and then carried out a complete commissioning with the help of specialised services provided by the manufacturers, in compliance with the established design and structural specifications.

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Marcin Staniszewski - Prezes Zarządu– The next process will involve calibration, setting up and optimising production processes, aimed at a complete transfer of the technology from the laboratory to a semi-industrial production level. At the same time, we will be working on the technical documentation and certification of the complete production process of optoelectronic (photonic) components for the optical biosensors used on our inPROBE® technological platform. We also plan further development of the R&D team in the photonic area. We are going to undertake these tasks by the end of the third quarter of 2023. We have already secured the possibility of independent production of biological, chemical and bioengineering components, and the milestone we have just reached is the next step towards production independence on a semi-industrial scale, which we believe will bring added value to the technology commercialisation process, and when searching for business partners – says Marcin Staniszewski, CEO at SDS Optic S.A. and Chief Technology Officer coordinating the pilot production line.


Since the premiere on NewConnect in March 2022, SDS Optic have achieved a series of milestones. We will keep the market updated on the plethora of operations connected with the development of the inPROBE® technology.

The key events that are worth noting are:
– launch of specialised clean rooms in the company’s registered office at the ECOTECH-Complex in Lublin, ESPI Report 1/2022
– commencement of the first phase of clinical trials (safety studies) on the optical microprobe to confirm its use in diagnosing patients with HER2-positive and HER2-negative breast cancer, ESPI Report 13/2022
– appointing a Scientific Advisory Board composed of outstanding specialists with international experience, ESPI Report 17/2022
– end of the investment stage of the pilot production of optoelectronic components for the optical biosensors used in inPROBE® microprobes, ESPI Report 25/2022
– registration of a subsidiary company in the USA, as an official step towards reaching the next milestone of opening of an R&D centre in that market, ESPI Report 28/202
signing a contract for advising in finding a strategic partner interested in the commercialisation of the inPROBE® technological platform with the renown Clairfield International from New York, ESPI Report 1/2023

SDS Optic #news: Clairfield International as a transaction advisor for SDS Optic S.A. in the commercialisation of inPROBE®

SDS Optic S.A. is a company listed on NewConnect that develops their own technological platform inPROBE® for diagnosing cancers and infectious diseases in real time, and for monitoring health status. On 3 January 2023 the company signed a contract for advising in finding a strategic partner interested in commercialisation of the platform with the renown Clairfield International from New York, who will be responsible for identifying and selecting potential purchasers and for attracting their attention to the platform.

The partner’s operations will involve market research of and contact with global companies from the healthcare sector, with a particular focus on big pharma and big medtech. At a later stage, Clairfield will support the Company in the organisation of the due diligence process, shaping the negotiation strategy and final talks associated with drawing up a contract for the commercialisation of inPROBE®. The contract provides for the option to scale into other applications, license and purchases of selected applications of the technology.

Crosby OHare Założyciel i Partner Zarządzający w Clairfield International– We are very glad that we have the opportunity to advise SDS Optic, the award-winning company developing inPROBE®, a breakthrough diagnostic technology used in oncology and medicine. SDS Optic have achieved a plethora of milestones towards commercialisation, and their technology has breakthrough potential both in oncological diagnostics and in innovative medication, thanks mainly to their significantly higher sensitivity and effectiveness. We are very happy that we will be able to support the SDS Optic team in attracting the interest of potential partners and in building the commercial success of inPROBE® – says Crosby O’Hare, Founder and Managing Partner at Clairfield International.

The co-operation is scheduled to commence on 1 February 2023, in 3 stages:

  • development of a detailed strategy and action plan
  • preparation of presentation materials, a list potential partners, and a contact strategy
  • marketing and promotion of the project among potential commercial partners.

Mateusz Sagan Dyrektor Operacyjny i ds Rozwoju BiznesuClairfield International is a leading global transaction advisor. Thanks to their experience in medical technologies and biotechnology, they bring to our commercialisation process of inPROBE® extensive expertise and relationship with the leading companies in the world. We have been working extensively with the Clairfield International team for over 3 years now, so we are familiar with each other. We have had many productive meetings, both at the Company’s registered office and in New York, which have allowed Clairfield to get to know our breakthrough technology and choose the best time to start a large-scale cooperation. We are extremely happy that we have got to a place where we can clearly say that this is the right moment, and to begin active endeavours in finding partners for commercialisation. Clairfield brings contacts, knowledge and experience in transactions in medical and pharmaceutical technologies, and their recent partnership contract with Yamada Consulting Group, a leading company providing transaction advisory services in Japan and Southeast Asia, accelerates our targets of finding a partner across potentially many markets. It should be emphasised that the best global concerns dealing with endoscopic technologies have their registered offices in Asia. We declare our full readiness and openness to facilitate making this process as smooth as possible, and achieve common success in the commercialisation of inPROBE® – says Mateusz Sagan, CEO at SDS Optic S.A.

Edward Grey Dyrektor Zarządzający w ClairfieldWe can be sure that we have acquired extensive knowledge and understanding of inPROBE®, its stage of development, and can provide timely support for the most attractive transactions for SDS Optic and its shareholders. We appreciate the regular contact and communication we have maintained with SDS Optic over the past 3 years. We are confident that Clairfield is going to be a great advisor and advocate of all these years of hard work achieved by SDS Optic in getting to this important moment. We are proud that we have become a part of this team – says Edward Grey, Managing Director at Clairfield.


Logo_ClairfieldClairfield International is a global company providing corporate finance services, mainly fusions and takeovers, for international corporations and financial investors. The advisors focus on the mid-market, executing transactions of up to EUR 500 million (enterprise value). The company is among the top twenty financial advisors in the world and ranks 7th in healthcare transactions, acc. to the Global Mid-Market M&A Review list prepared by Refinitiv. Clairfield employs about 300 specialists in 25 countries, and over the last 5 years has taken part in over 700 transactions with a total of EUR 25 billion. In November 2022, Clairfield signed a strategic contract with Yamada Consulting Group, one of the largest and most famous transaction advisory companies in Japan and Southeast Asia. As part of their transactions in the healthcare sector, Clairfield is developing their competencies around biotechnology, pharmacy, medical devices, supplies, hospitals, clinics, as well as laboratory services and equipment. As part of their biotechnological projects and medical devices, Clairfield has special experience in diagnostics and molecular therapeutics.