Milestone: Launch of the inPROBE production line

The inaugural launch of the inPROBE production line is already behind us! SDS Optic S.A. will celebrate the first anniversary of their premiere on NewConnect. Right before this event we will be pleased to announce the next milestone on the way to implementing a pilot production of optoelectronic components for the optical biosensors used in inPROBE® microprobes.

Our Company has received, installed, set up and inspected the efficiency of the devices and machines for the pilot production line, and then carried out a complete commissioning with the help of specialised services provided by the manufacturers, in compliance with the established design and structural specifications.

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Marcin Staniszewski - Prezes Zarządu– The next process will involve calibration, setting up and optimising production processes, aimed at a complete transfer of the technology from the laboratory to a semi-industrial production level. At the same time, we will be working on the technical documentation and certification of the complete production process of optoelectronic (photonic) components for the optical biosensors used on our inPROBE® technological platform. We also plan further development of the R&D team in the photonic area. We are going to undertake these tasks by the end of the third quarter of 2023. We have already secured the possibility of independent production of biological, chemical and bioengineering components, and the milestone we have just reached is the next step towards production independence on a semi-industrial scale, which we believe will bring added value to the technology commercialisation process, and when searching for business partners – says Marcin Staniszewski, CEO at SDS Optic S.A. and Chief Technology Officer coordinating the pilot production line.


Since the premiere on NewConnect in March 2022, SDS Optic have achieved a series of milestones. We will keep the market updated on the plethora of operations connected with the development of the inPROBE® technology.

The key events that are worth noting are:
– launch of specialised clean rooms in the company’s registered office at the ECOTECH-Complex in Lublin, ESPI Report 1/2022
– commencement of the first phase of clinical trials (safety studies) on the optical microprobe to confirm its use in diagnosing patients with HER2-positive and HER2-negative breast cancer, ESPI Report 13/2022
– appointing a Scientific Advisory Board composed of outstanding specialists with international experience, ESPI Report 17/2022
– end of the investment stage of the pilot production of optoelectronic components for the optical biosensors used in inPROBE® microprobes, ESPI Report 25/2022
– registration of a subsidiary company in the USA, as an official step towards reaching the next milestone of opening of an R&D centre in that market, ESPI Report 28/202
signing a contract for advising in finding a strategic partner interested in the commercialisation of the inPROBE® technological platform with the renown Clairfield International from New York, ESPI Report 1/2023

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