SDS Optic #news: next milestones and inPROBE development

The first quarter of 2022 is already behind us. As we announced during our debut on the NewConnect market, this year is rich in many important events. We are consistently pursuing all of the Company’s objectives and are pleased to announce the achievement of the subsequent milestones of the inPROBE project – an optical fibre micoprobe for the diagnosis of HER2 positive breast cancer. What exactly happened in our Company?

Achieving the milestone in the field of implementation of the pilot production of fibre optic biosensors

Shortly after the debut of SDS Optic on the NewConnect market, in the ESPI system we published a current report on the completion of the first stage of milestone realisation in the field of implementation of pilot production of optoelectronic parts of optical fiber biosensors for use in inPROBE microprobes.

This stage consisted of: the design process, ordering and purchasing of dedicated personalized fixed assets (production equipment and machines) worth PLN 2.4 million in total. To achieve this goal, our Company obtained funds from the issue of D-series shares and the purchase of which is indicated in the Information Document, as one of the key objectives to be achieved after the Company’s shares were listed at the NewConnect market.

This constitutes a huge step towards achieving manufacturing independence in the production and preparation of the optoelectronic (photonic) parts of optical fibre biosensor (microprobe).

The creation of a professional production line together with the expansion of the R&D team in the area of photonics will enable us to manufacture up to 50 thousand proprietary biosensors per year.

As part of the implementation of the next stages, we plan to:
– start-up and calibrate production processes,
– hire new members for our R&D team,
– carry out the process of validation and certification of the planned production.
– elaborate certified process and production documentation.

Full ESPI report (PL):

SDS Optic Inc. as one of the 20 most innovative companies in the European Union will represent the European Pavilion at the BIO 2022 conference in San Diego, USA

At the end of March, we received information that our Company was included in the 20 most technologically advanced companies in the European Union. SDS Optic Inc. and the rest of the selected companies will represent the EU in a special pavilion at the BIO 2022, the largest event of this type in the USA. The conference brings together the most important players in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.

SDS Optic na BIO2022 w San Diego

From 13 to 16 June, during the conference, we plan an intensive exchange of knowledge with specialists from the BioTech and Pharma industries. This time will definitely also be filled by networking with potential future partners. We believe that our technology can significantly improve the quality of services and products in many sectors related to medicine. We want to strongly promote our inPROBE technology in terms of drug delivery monitoring in real time. The BIO 2022 event is a great opportunity to do so. The conference abounds in numerous interesting lectures and lectures that not only allow us to keep track of the latest information from the world of medicine and pharmacology, but also significantly increase our levels of creativity.

The first investor chat at SDS Optic Inc.

On 12 April, the first investor chat of SDS Optic Inc. took place. Our Leadership Team talked about the most important and interesting events in the life of the Company.

The Company was represented by:
🔹Marcin Staniszewski, Chairman of the Board, Founder and Shareholder
🔹Magdalena Staniszewska, Director of Research and Development, Founder and Shareholder
🔹Mateusz Sagan, Chief Operating and Business Development Officer and Shareholder.

Investors could first-hand receive up-to-date information about our inPROBE fibre microprobe for less-invasive diagnosis of cancer, infectious and fungal diseases, and real-time drug delivery monitoring.

The webinar present:
🔹What is our development strategy
🔹What is the process of cancer diagnosis today and…
🔹 how the inPROBE microprobe will change that process in the future
🔹What business model related to commercialization is implemented by the Company
🔹What targets and plans have been adopted at SDS Optic for the next 12 months

During the webinar we also:
🔹Present the principles of inPROBE technology
🔹Present our industrial property rights policy
🔹Present the Company’s current technical infrastructure
🔹Tell you how the development process of the production facilities will look like

Watch the webinar recording ⤵️

🖥️ Download the full version of the investor presentation!



Signing an annex to the grant agreement under the SME Instrument Horizon2020

Since our debut on the NewConnect market, we also signed an annex to the agreement with the European Commission regarding the Company’s acquisition of a grant in the amount of €3,985,000 from the SME Instrument Horizon2020 programme. As part of this co-financing, development works are carried out, as well as clinical research and certification of the HER2+ breast cancer diagnostic microprobe device, developed under the inPROBE brand, are financed.

The Commission thus confirmed the legitimacy of using the remaining part of the subsidy, originally granted in 2017. The remaining amount of €985,000 is still available to SDS Optic Inc. These resources will be used to carry out the clinical research undertaken, to finance the remuneration of the R&D team and the administration and management, as well as the work in the field of certification and communication and commercialisation of inPROBE technology.

The annex was concluded in order to coordinate the schedule of the project implemented under the SME Instrument Horizon2020 programme with the work schedule of SDS Optic Inc.

Full ESPI report (PL):

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