Roche Partnering for Innovation Summit 2019

We had privilage and honour to be be invited by Roche to Basel HQ and take part in Partnering for Innovation Summit. Around 500 top Roche Executives and carefully selected 40 startups, among them us presenting our disruptive inPROBE technology as the only startup from CentralEurope, came together to talk about Driving Healthcare into the Future.
Several great presentations, keyonte speaks on innovation, round tables, workshops, SDSOptic brand table, Mateusz Sagan pitching and talking about inPROBE and our Co-Founders Magdalena Staniszewska and Marcin Staniszewski speaking to many Roche Team Members.

Key take aways from the summit:
– the future is around Value Based Healthcare
– Point-of-Care targeted Diagnostics is key – in confront with several innovative targeted treatments
– Managing Patients data in one place
– AI & Blockchain has widely arrived to Healthcare
– AI is not going to replace Doctors. AI+Doctors will replace Doctors
Happy to be here, thank you #Roche for having us in Basel, key notes taken and we go back to work hard to deliver on our inPROBE promises

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