SDS OPTIC specializes in modeling and designing high-quality package components, such as ferrules, housings, and other devices with flat and conical surface areas. We employ highly accurate assembling procedures that allow us to compose hermetic patch cords, pigtails, connectors and windows. It is essential to know how the assembly phases influence the properties of optoelectronic components to avoid damage caused by thermal stresses. Specifically, it is crucial to apply proper stress distribution to all parts of the component at every manufacturing stages. As a result, we model the ideal shape and dimensions of all types of packages to achieve a mild stress allocation.

Our high-precision developing processes of optoelectronics assembly ensures that our customers eliminate positioning problems during assembly steps. SDS OPTIC strongly propagates techniques, which allow to eliminate the old metallization methods, previously leading to a 25% decrease in fiber strength, the possibility of organic contamination, low manufacturing and a high rate of rejection.

SDS OPTIC is capable of designing and fabricating custom-specified fiber optics Pig-Tails and Connectors. Cost-effective assembling procedures allow us gather precision products with a high level of hermeticity. The assembling method is free of time-consuming and costly pre-metallization processing. The Climatic Validation Report reveals the quality enforced during assembly. On request, test reports may accompany any shipment or consignment.

A finite element thermal stress analysis is employed to achieve the proper geometry and dimension of package components. Utilizing this process, mild stress distribution is obtained among all areas of completed assemblies – as can be seen in the symmetric cross-section.