Our vision

Save 30% of people deadly sick on cancer by 2030

Our vision is to develop innovative cancer diagnostics & monitoring technologies which will help increase cancer survival by 30% by 2030. We will achieve that with implementing real-time, in vivo (closest possible to disease condition) and numerical based technologies. 

Strategy and mission

Our strategy is to discover, develop, produce and commercialize on global scale unique innovative diagnostics and monitoring technologies working in real-time and in natural state, which support and save Lifes.We respond to people living with serious cancer, autoimmune and dangerous fungal diseases as well as rare infectious conditions.We concentrate on helping the healthcare with faster, less painful diagnostics and supporting targeted, effective treatment procedures. Working with key collaborators we seek to develop and create high value applications that can bring innovative medicines to more people and much faster, leading to improve health and extend life worldwide. SDS Optic mission is to create life saving innovations