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SDS Optic #news: inPROBE as the Polish Product of the Future and launching of the Clean Room

We have already done a lot of work and preparations for clinical trials, launching Clean Room rooms and equipment for own production of inPROBE biosensor fibre optic elements, and we also took part in international conferences and industry events. SDS Optic also received a unique distinction. We have a fair dose of news for you from the first half of 2022.

Summary of 2021 at SDS Optic Inc.
and the announcement of the next milestones in 2022

The past months have been accompanied by many milestone events for the development of the company and its product. SDS Optic S.A., a company developing the proprietary inPROBE technology platform for real-time medical diagnosis of cancer, infectious, viral, bacterial and fungal diseases, has published its annual report for 2021. Find out more about our company's life.

SDS Optic #news: next milestones and inPROBE development

The first quarter of 2022 is already behind us. As we announced during our debut on the NewConnect market, this year is rich in many important events. We are consistently pursuing all of the Company's objectives and are pleased to announce the achievement of the subsequent milestones of the inPROBE project – an optical fibre probe for the diagnosis of HER2 positive breast cancer. Check out the full article.

SDS Optic won the Innovation radar Prize 2020 for the best innovation created by Women.

SDS Optic has been granted “Women-led Innovation” award at Innovation Radar Prize 2020, a prestigious achievement announced yearly by the European Commission. The competition recognizes the best European innovation and its founder.
The award has been granted for inPROBE – a photonics-based microprobe for a quick and precise breast cancer diagnostic.

European Healthtech Investment Forum 2020

Great news for us that we've been selected to present inPROBE technology at the Tech Tour Healthtech 2020 in Helsinki. The fourth edition of the European Healthtech Investment Forum 2020 will take place on 10-11 March 2020 in Helsinki, bringing together leading investors from Europe and some of the most promising Healthtech entrepreneurs of Europe and Finland.

Urządzenie inPROBE - wizja SDS Optic S.A.OUR VISION

According to GLOBOCAN 2020 data, over 2 mln breast cancer cases yearly are noticed worldwide. At the same time, breast cancer took the lives of almost 700 thousand people.

Medical science believe that effective and fast detection of the illness would save the lives of many patients around the world. That’s why we created and developed the inPROBE medical device, first ever optic fibre microprobe, enabling in vivo real-time breast cancer diagnosis.

Our vision to “increase the cancer cure rate by 30% by 2030” is an indissoluble part of our DNA – connecting and motivating the whole SDS Optic team.

Who we are

The SDS Optic team is working on a breakthrough technology based on rapid detection of test substances in the body, including cancer markers, with particular accuracy, the using laser beams and innovative components. At the end of the process, the reading is interpreted on the detector by means of an appropriate conversion algorithm, which gives the level of the compound tested (e.g. HER2 cancer marker) in numerical form. 

Our technology is a breakthrough. We create inPROBE a tool for direct measurement of the HER2 marker. The use of a microsonde will save the patient pain and stress associated with a biopsy and waiting for the result. We want to save up to 30% of people diagnosed with cancer by 2030

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