Biotech r&d

SDS Optic, based in Lublin, Poland, is a cutting-edge biotech company specializing in connecting vast medical knowledge with technical skills to create medical devices that can revolutionize healthcare worldwide.

Our strategy is to discover, develop, produce and commercialize on global scale unique diagnostics and monitoring tools working in real-time and in natural state, which support and save lives.

We concentrate on helping the healthcare with faster, less painful diagnostics and supporting targeted, effective treatment procedures. We develop and create different diagnostics & monitoring solutions, incl. the ones used in cancer diagnostics and cancer treatment. Our team consists of renown experts in biology, optoelectronics, physics, medicine, advanced technologies, chemistry and related sciences.

SDS Optic is innovative integrated multidisciplinary biotechnology R&D partner for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with office in Lublin, Poland and research associates both in Poland and in the United States.

The company offers targeted diagnostics discovery support at every stage of the early discovery phase up to the preclinical research phase.
Currently SDS Optic employs over 10 scientists, majority with PhD degree and extensive experience in several areas of life sciences, offering the following types of projects:

  • Contract Chemistry services
  • Molecular Biology services
  • Targeted innovative multidisciplinary in vivo diagnostics & monitoring solutions development
  • Comparative studies of biosimilar products
  • Integrated multiple key-steps pre-clinical discovery projects
  • Early stage in vivo & in vitro diagnostic technologies scale-up and commercialization