Magdalena Staniszewska, PhD, DSc

Leading biotechnology scientist with several years of experience at Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA (USA) and Polish Academy of Sciences. A scientist with broad experience in discovering molecular bases of diseases, identifying targets and developing novel therapeutic strategies for diabetic complications, cancer and eye diseases. Co-invented analytical tools and diagnostic markers of pathological neovessels, has track record of scientific publications and public speaking.

Karol Maryniowski

A graduate with the master diploma of the Catholic University of Lublin: The Management and The Business Law, which he graduated with honors. A specialist in the field of online marketing, content marketing, branding, social media marketing and trademark property law. Marketer and lawyer with long-term experience in cooperation with international brands and technology start-ups.

Katarzyna Furman MSc Eng.

A graduate of the University of Life Sciences with a degree in Biotechnology, specializing in Medical Biotechnology, which she graduated with honors. A specialist with many years of experience in research and development projects related to laboratory diagnostics. Extensive professional practice in scientific units and experience in the production of diagnostic reagents and IVD technology.