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SDS OPTIC employs professional and high performance equipment. Our cable winding machines ensure the high precision of cutting and measuring. We put into practice a multi-stage process of assembling, measurement, and quality control techniques.

  • ferrule and fiber quality visual testing – 400x
  • ferrule and fiber quality interferometric testing – IEC 61300-3-17
  • insertion loss measure
  • back reflection measure

SDS OPTIC offers a wide range of fiber optic cordages.

  • single mode 9/125 all type fibers (i.e. G.652D, G.655, G.657A1)
  • multi mode 50/125, 62.5/125 all type fibers
  • polishing APC 8o, PC, UPC
  • many types and colors for connectors, boots, and tubes (i.e. SC, FC, ST, LC, MU)
  • simplex and duplex configuration
  • custom length
  • low insertion loss
  • high return loss
  • (On request, test reports are attached to every product)


APC IL <0.1dB
APC RL  >75dB

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SDS Optic

The company SDS Optic specializes in pre-assembling of hermetic and standard photoelectronics components. Thanks to The Labaratory of Teleinformatic Technologies and Photonics, SDS Optic has elaborated the positioning nanometric-precision platforms. The use of the Finite Element Analysis Method (FEA) in designing geometrically hermetic seals allows a reduction of disadvantageous stress, which occurs during hermetization and reduces insertion loss to a level of:  <0.01dB @ 1550nm wavelength.


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