Innoventure fund invested PLN 3 million in SDS Optic

The investment will allow the company to calibrate its device for clinical trials. The company is now creating a plan for a biological laboratory that is necessary for further research. The funds will be used to purchase the highest quality equipment for the laboratory. The company plans to complete calibration and clinical trials in 2021. After this process is completed, the device can be made available to doctors and patients.

The current version of the device is capable of detecting the concentrations of markers in the medically required ranges. With the probe it will no longer be necessary need to collect tissue samples, and doctor and patient will receive a precise, numerical test result in ten to twenty minutes.

“The use of our technology in the diagnosis of breast cancer will greatly reduce cancer mortality by up to 30%. Thanks to our micro probe, the diagnosis is objective, without the risk of misinterpretation of the result by humans, which is a risk in other methods. The diagnosis is also much faster, which improves the chances of successful treatment and reduces the costs of treatment” – says Dr. Magdalena Staniszewska.