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Developing of diagnostic methods and targeted, effective therapies requires knowledge about the processes occurring in living cells and tissues. Despite a scientific effort, current research techniques do not allow fully understand processes occurring inside a single living cell in the intact conditions without any interference. The available methods reflect a single snapshot of the conditions in the living tissue, because they rely on sampling. In the present study the novel nanoscale approach will be presented to detect and continuously analyze biologically relevant molecules involved in the intracellular metabolic pathways. Nanosystems are expected to enable superior detection of molecular changes that precede pathogenesis, thereby enabling early detection, proactive treatment, and monitoring, as well as expanding the knowledge base on mechanisms of disease progression. These systems have the potential to enhance selectivity and sensitivity for pathological states to advance disease diagnosis and imaging and transform drug delivery and therapy by capitalizing on the unique properties of the nanoscale size range. The design of multifunctional nanosystems is expected to provide diagnostic, therapeutic, and efficacy monitoring in one unit. It will also contribute and transform research involved in disease mechanisms and drug discovery, ultimately improving diagnosis and outcome of cancer treatment.

Our project involves construction of the device and development of the detailed operation protocol for detection and analysis of the bioactive compounds generated and accumulating inside a living cell or tissue.

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SDS Optic

The company SDS Optic specializes in pre-assembling of hermetic and standard photoelectronics components. Thanks to The Labaratory of Teleinformatic Technologies and Photonics, SDS Optic has elaborated the positioning nanometric-precision platforms. The use of the Finite Element Analysis Method (FEA) in designing geometrically hermetic seals allows a reduction of disadvantageous stress, which occurs during hermetization and reduces insertion loss to a level of:  <0.01dB @ 1550nm wavelength.


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