Fiber Optic Giga-Ethernet + E1/T1/ISDN Multiplexer (TM6x Series)

Fiber Optic Giga-Ethernet + E1/T1/ISDN Multiplexer (TM6x Series)


The TM6x-Series is a fiber optic multiplexer which allows to create stable and reliable fiber optics connection between a business center and service providers. It handles a transparent and independent 1 Gbps Ethernet packet data transmission and 4 -16 E1/ISDN channels (T1 possibility), which comply with ITU-T G.703 in point-to-point topology.

A combination of TDM and Ethernet transmission through only one optical fiber in WDM / CWDM technology provides an economical solution for many demanding customer groups. The SFP modules used in this multiplexer allows to fit in existing fiber optic infrastructure. This device has a wide range of diagnostic options for both TDM and ETH transmission. There is measured and calculated performance-monitoring data, such as: loss of signal, loss of frame, detection of AIS, loopback error tests, error second (ES) and severe error second (SES), all in accordance with the G.826 standard. The TM-Series can be managed and monitored in both directions, whether in-band or out-band.


Local interface – Electric

  • LAN, 5 x 10/100/1000Base-T, RJ-45
  • MTU 10kB
  • Bridge (8192 MAC)
  • VLAN, VLAN tags (Q-in-Q)
  • QoS
  • Broadcast Storm Protection, flow control
  • Auto-sense
  • 16/8/4 x E1/T1, RJ-45
  • max. attenuation 6 dB
  • 8/4 x ISDN

Line interface – Optic

  • SFP, SM/MM; WDM/CWDM technology
  • up to 2 km. MM
  • up to 120 km. SM




  • 1U, 19”

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